Elton John ’s Riveting Testimony About Michael Jackson – A Stunning Revelation!

Michael Jackson’s close friend Elton John claims that the star’s notoriety contributed to his ailment and resulted in a “mental illness.”

In his recently published memoir, he also described being around Jackson as “disturbing.” The 72-year-old singer admitted that he was friends with Michael when the latter became more well-known, but he also saw Michael’s change. When they first met, Michael Jackson was 13 years old, and Elton called him “the most charming youngster you could imagine.”

However, in the years that followed, he started to distance himself from reality and the outside world, much like Elvis Presley. If I saw him as an adult, I always imagined he had gone nuts. What was going through his thoughts and the reason he was taking so much medication is known only to God.

It was just recently brought to our attention. He said he was unpleasant to be around and that he suffered from severe mental illness. He got lost after accepting an invitation to one of Elton’s parties and was eventually found having fun with the housekeeper’s son.

The artist claimed that, for some reason, he couldn’t handle being around adults. Elton John revealed several things in his book. He talked about his relationship with his late mother, Sheila Farebrother, and acknowledged that his upbringing had not always been easy.

Elijah, age six, and Zachary, age eight, are Sheila’s joint kids with her husband David Furnish. Sheila’s sons are unknown to her.

She never found David very appealing.

It was never well received. He was never inaccessible to the children. “I’m glad they didn’t know her because they reprimanded her in the same way she reprimanded me,” Elton John said, nonetheless.

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