A cowboy decides to buy a horse from a preacher

The pastor cautions him, “Now this isn’t a regular horse,” as the money exchanges hands. This one has received many commands from me.”Hallelujah!” is what you have to say to make him flee.

And you have to say “Amen” to get him to stop. With a thank you, the cowboy mounts his new horse and heads out. The cowboy chooses to put the horse to the test later that afternoon.

He gets on his horseback and yells, “Heyahh!” while kicking his heels.

The horse does nothing but stand there.

Yes, the rancher realizes, recalling the preacher’s words, “Hallelujah!”

The rancher clings on for dear life as the horse gallops into a dead run. “Whoa! Go more slowly! He pulls hard at the reins and yells.

However, the horse keeps running at full speed, heading directly for a steep cliff’s edge. “Stop! Woah!” he says further.


The horse refused to slow down or halt.

The cowboy knows he is going to perish as the precipice draws nearer and nearer, so he prays rapidly. “Save my soul, God, and pardon my sins, Amen.”


Just as the horse is about to fall to the brink of the cliff, it suddenly stops.

The cowboy exclaims, ecstatic with relief. “Praise be!”

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