What cancer can do to a heartbreaker! Val Kilmer, best-remembered for Top Gun, has aged beyond recognition

It’s hard for girls who fell in love with this guy in the 1990s to identify him now!

Actor Val Kilmer, whose most current images are included in this post, has transformed like this over time!

The well-known actor, whose good looks and charisma made any female fall in love, has undergone a radical transformation. Kilmer’s performance in “Top Gun” elevated his already impressive career to a whole new level.

The girls who were enamored with this man at the time no longer know who he is. Along with gaining weight, he also developed deep facial wrinkles that gave him a much older appearance. He exhibits nearly all aging symptoms.

Some people assert that the former hottie has changed.

It’s important to note that he had a cancer diagnosis in 2010, which has surely affected his appearance and general health. He is already 61 years old.

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