This photo of the five prom queens has a small secret that ends up making it go viral.

Together, they created quite a stir.

Some were duly impressed when they discovered the secret information.

Continue reading to learn why this topic is so popular.

It is commonly known that the majority of high school pupils in America are younger than the 21-year-old legal drinking age.

Nonetheless, several nations have much lower voting minimum ages.

Even though 18 is the legal drinking age in the UK, it is still forbidden to bring alcohol to school functions where children might be present.


Photo: @eleanorclrke/TwitterHowever, some students still attempt to discover legal ways to get wasted before joining the dance floor.

Chaperones for proms are often grownups whose responsibility it is to maintain order and watch out for signs of intoxication.

Occasionally, though, kids may devise creative methods to sneak alcohol into the classroom.

This image aptly captures the shenanigans of college students.

This girl had a huge flask hidden under her dress during her senior prom. The question is to what end.

She transformed a large silver flask into a clutch purse, if you will.

Although it’s simple to assume that the silver handbag she’s holding is all she has, a closer inspection shows something else.

Eleanor Clarke, a British student, was determined to have fun with her friends regardless of the consequences of breaking any laws.

She carried what appeared to be a metallic purse and was dressed to kill.

The large flask that was concealed in the clutch purse quickly leaked.

She didn’t bother with a decent bag because she planned to use the bag for liquids.


Seemingly taken aback by her accomplishment, Eleanor remained silent on whether or not she had added alcohol to the clutch. For instance, she said on X (now Twitter) that she “still doesn’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch.”

She stated that Tiger gave her the $12 flask.

She was so clever at hiding it that nobody saw it until she compromised her own scheme.

This did in fact occur. We send our warmest regards to Eleanor and her friends as they embark on this new phase of their lives.

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