Mean bullies started laughing when “quiet kid” took the stage, then the music began

When “Quite Kid” took the stage, all the bullies began to laugh, but you should see what happened when the music began.

Some people are born performers for large audiences. Many of the top performers in the world had to endure demanding rehearsals and practice sessions in order to feel as comfortable on stage as they do for the watching public.

Even some of the most well-known performers still have the same pre-show anxiety as when they were performing in their high school talent program.

When Brett Nichols has to perform in front of an audience, he still gets nervous. Brett may not seem it, but he is still a teenager. However, his dance moves are so similar that you might mistake him for Michael Jackson’s reincarnation.

Even while he hasn’t quite “made it” in the home entertainment industry, he did create a skill program that has inspired a great deal of people to follow in Brett’s footsteps and achieve their goals.

Brett’s peers perceive him as a quiet and reserved individual, so they are taken aback when he walks onto stage with the same level of confidence as the King of Pop. It almost seems like Brett had a private lesson, a master class, with Jackson, where he got to pick the famed performer’s head and learn his relocations from the expert.


In the end, though, Brett was never able to become close to Jackson. After countless hours of rigorous effort and dedication to the art form, he only recently learned the dance moves.


Brett had a reputation for being quiet and reserved in school, so when his classmates saw him strolling through the skill program’s next step, they didn’t know what to expect from him. Still, the crowd might have known they were in for a treat as soon as the music started.


A Michael Jackson song won’t be attempted by anyone unless they are extremely skilled at it. That was comprehended by the crowd.

Brett’s personality may be the most inspiring aspect of his productivity. He demonstrates how shyness may be shed like unwanted skin because he is perceived as one of the “shy ones” at school.

This efficiency is almost like Brett being a beautiful butterfly that emerges from its cocoon. His friends also see the progress he has made, which is one of the reasons this video clip has ended up being so motivating.

If Brett is capable of taking on the challenge, then so is everyone else who has been hiding their talent from the public due to shyness or insecurity.

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Brett left a lasting impression on the judges of the competition as well as his audience at the efficiency. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Brett placed first in the skill program.

As a result of his outstanding performance at the Pitman High School talent program in Turlock, California, Brett was invited to perform for his fans on ABC’s The View, NBC, and CNN.

Additionally, Brett has a deal with Michael Jackson tribute bands to start traveling with them. He has been struck all the way through.

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