Malia Obama’s remarkable evolution has been capturing attention

It is hardly surprising that the public is curious about Malia Obama’s personal life given that she is the daughter of a former US president.

Barack Obama was president from 2009 to 2017, and although though he and his family have been out of the White House for some time, they are still very much involved in politics.


Growing up in the public glare, Malia’s family and admirers have enjoyed seeing her as she pursues her passion and develops into a unique individual.

Malia, who is 25 years old, chose to become a scriptwriter, and she is quite accomplished in her field. She has grown into a young lady with a unique, carefree sense of style, totally unlike the little girl who used to wear adorable dresses with ribbons and hold her father’s hand in public.

Now, both sisters have settled in Brentwood, not far from Sasha’s university.

When given the opportunity, their parents talk about how proud they are of their daughters and how much they can’t express it.

The former president revealed his concerns that his daughters might grow up to be “odd kids” as a result of growing up in the White House during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden. However, that did not materialize, and his daughters developed into “fantastic young women.”

Michelle’s pride in her daughters is equal. She had previously stated that she and her husband wished to raise “authentic people” who could function in the outside world after leaving the White House. Michelle made jokes about Sasha and Malia’s ability to mix drinks during an interview. They not only drank it, but also created one. It was a lousy martini now. In a tumbler, it was quite weak,” the former First Lady remarked.


You are aware that they made a mistake. Most of it was ice and vermouth. I don’t even think they realized that vermouth belongs in a martini, so maybe it wasn’t even vermouth,” she continued.


It’s clear from recent photos of the sisters arriving to Drake’s after-party after his sold-out event with 21 Savage that they are very close.

On a different occasion, Malia and her purported lover Dawit Eklund were photographed in New York.

Her parents sent their eldest daughter warm birthday notes on her 25th birthday.

Barack, 61, shared a cute picture of himself giving his girlfriend a tight hug in what looked to be his old presidential office.

“Happy birthday to this lovely, funny, gifted young lady. He wrote on Instagram, “Malia, I hope 25 delivers you all you’re seeking for and more.

With a vintage picture of herself and Malia as toddlers, her mother wished her a happy birthday.

“Malia, happy birthday!” It was captioned by Michelle. Being your mother and witnessing you grow into the amazing young lady you are today makes me feel incredibly fortunate. I adore you very lot💕.”

In addition to being successful in advancing her Hollywood profession, Malia is also grateful for having her parents’ support.

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