If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Be Warned

Life in the modern era is incredibly complicated. A few decades ago, many of the expenses you have to pay for would not have ever existed. Work keeps getting thrown at you without any warning—you have to pay for your own retirement, perform your own work, and check out your own stuff at Walmart since they don’t want to recruit additional employees.

In the current world, we already have a lot to deal with and things to keep us busy during the course of our daily lives; adding one more item could be too much. But the message we have for you today is essential to your security. Ignoring it could mean that you won’t be here tomorrow. Thus, pay attention and act if you ever see a plastic bottle lodged between your tire and the vehicle’s frame. And make a quick 911 call if you do spot it.

There is a new method available for thieves to take advantage of you. Additionally, it works incredibly well. Carjackers have figured out a practical, highly economical method of stealing your vehicle.

Be aware that a possible thief could be hiding in the shadows if you ever spot a water bottle on your tire. You are being observed by them. And they’re ravenous for your car. Despite being initially documented in Limpopo, South Africa, this trick has quickly traveled over the world and is currently very popular in the United States.

This is how the ruse operates. To “mark” a car they wish to steal, a would-be carjacker places a water bottle up against the wheel. So that the driver wouldn’t see it when getting in, they placed the bottle on the front passenger side wheel.

The empty plastic bottle crackles and emits a variety of unsettling noises as soon as the motorist starts to drive. Most people stop their cars and get out to check what they ran over as soon as they can. That’s when the robbery happens!

When a driver leaves their keys inside a running automobile, all that’s required of the thief is entry and departure. The owner is abandoned to look foolish on the curb. Another option is for the burglar to simply take advantage of the opening to enter the vehicle and take goods that were left inside, like a wallet or phone. The moment the driver exits the car to investigate the noise, they are putting themselves in danger.

Spend a few seconds inspecting the wheels of your vehicle the next time you get in. Look around to check if anything appears to be out of order. Also, keep an eye out for any instances in which a water bottle gets lodged in the gap created by the tire and the car’s frame. Maybe the would-be thief has his eye on you. Silently get out your phone, ring 911, and let the authorities know what’s going on and that you believe you may be in danger. Give your location and specifics about your car.

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