An unknown girl said, “Daddy, daddy!” and raced to my husband, making sure she didn’t misidentify him. Words cannot express what transpired next.

His job was as an intern. His internship was completed in the pediatric section of the city hospital. He believed he was prepared for a career as a pediatrician because he did well academically. But occasionally, our expectations and reality diverge.


Showing him around the office and introducing him to the patients, the chief physician stressed the importance of treating the orphanage children differently. It was difficult for him, and he had a lot of work to do. His heart was strongly touched by the sight of sick youngsters. He once went into a room where a girl with light hair and blue eyes was lying. She shot him a smile. With her large blue eyes, the girl gazed at him without crying.


Maybe three or four years old was her age. She extended her hand and grinned broadly as he greeted her. Like a tiny angel, she was. The nurse informed him that no one had come for her when they found her on the street, extremely cold. She went away from the aunt who used to be her home because the aunt didn’t love her. She made a full recovery, and upon her release, she would be placed in an orphanage. All she didn’t know yet. He grew to love the young girl, and they became friends.He became her attachment, and she began to look forward to his arrival each day, standing by her room door and attempting to spend as much time as she could with him. Following him across the department, she did everything she could to get his attention. She was adored and referred to as a “little angel” by all. The youngster once showed a picture of her mother to the doctor. She gave the picture a kiss while gripping it firmly in her hands. She lamented that her mother was now in paradise.

“Unlike my aunt, who is cruel and resembles a fairy tale witch, my mom is kind.” The internship was terminated. “Don’t go, don’t go, you’re my daddy,” cried the little angel, refusing to let him go. It was hard for both of them to say goodbye. She shed tears. They escorted the girl to the orphanage after that. One year went by. He wed a nice, considerate woman.

They heard a child’s cry, “Daddy, daddy!” as they were walking through the park one day. The girl dashed in their direction. She was recognized by him. His spouse surprised him by glancing at him. The tiny girl was raised in a loving home after being adopted by a kind family, it turned out.

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