Rapper Bhad Bhabie, Who Rose to Fame Thanks to Dr. Phil, Makes Stunning Announcement

Even if you may not be familiar with Bhad Bhabie’s name, you probably know her slogan.

When Bhad Bhabie was just 13 years old, she made her television debut as a guest on The Dr. Phil Show. The world took notice of Danielle Bregoli when she was first introduced because of her rebellious actions and untamed personality.

She became an overnight celebrity, though, when she challenged Dr. Phil to “catch me outside, how ’bout that.” Bregoli made the most of his notoriety by taking on the persona of Bhad Bhabie and becoming a rapper and social media influencer.

The social media celebrity is now making a statement that nobody anticipated.

The 20-year-old revealed on December 1 that she and her boyfriend are expecting their first child together with the release of a picture of herself with a pregnancy bump.
Bregoli proceeded to archive her remaining posts on social media. Although it’s unclear why, some people are thinking that Bregoli is trying to change her image now that she’s expecting a child.

Bregoli hasn’t disclosed anything about her pregnancy or her future plans other from the Instagram photo. Even though Bregoli’s early years are still remembered by many, we hope that her experience as a mother has been very different.

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