How Jenna Ortega Has Changed One Year After ‘Wednesday’

The teenage idol has lost her schoolgirl appearance.

The world was enthralled with the young actress Jenna Ortega this past autumn. She was given the major part in Tim Burton’s popular film “Wednesday.” The brunette has changed over the past 12 months from a depressed adolescent girl to a favorite of the paparazzi.

Fans’ thoughts are still filled with the image of the character. Her clothes had no flash of color, her hair was jet black, and there were big bags under her eyes.

Off-screen, the star adores anything black as well, but she does it in a chic way. The celebrity walked in front of the cameras this September at the presentation of one of Dior’s fashion collections wearing a fitted jacket and a flowing dress with a mesh insert on the chest.

In addition, Ortega worked on her hair and cosmetics. The 21-year-old artist allowed strands of her hair to frame her face, going back to her prior chestnut color. She prefers to use soft nude lipstick to accentuate her lips and expressively highlight her eyes rather than using dark black makeup.

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