If you ever notice your door handle with a rubber band on it do not touch it

Our house is a haven for us. After a long and exhausting day, it is the area where we should feel the safest and able to rest. We should never feel unsafe in our home because it is our haven.Many individuals install security cameras on their property to ensure that no one is invading their privacy, however even in these situations, burglars still discover ways into people’s homes.

A Texan woman named Kim Fleming Cernigliaro recently shared her experience to alert others to the latest tactic that burglars employ to enter your home.

Specifically, she heard a knock on the door when she was home alone. Before long, the knocking became what sounded like pounding. But she chose not to open the door because she didn’t think anyone would be there.

She decided to wait for a little before going outside to see if anyone was still there because she was getting a little worried as the banging got louder.

She went downstairs and unlocked the front door after a while, thinking the person had departed, and that’s when she saw the rubber band on the door handle. Perplexed and unsure of what that may be, she made the decision to report the occurrence and phone the police.

The police explained to her when they got to her house why burglars would put rubber bands on door handles after hearing reports from other residents of the neighborhood.

It turns out that the rubber band propping the latch open occurs when a homeowner replies and unlatches the door to open it. The thieves will be able to force their way through and enter the house with ease in this manner. The homeowner is unable to lock the door because the rubber band keeps the latch open.

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Now, Kim is attempting to caution others about opening their doors to total strangers and to exercise additional caution.

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