Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Overcoming Humiliation and Finding Healing

Beloved actor and Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli recently sent her fans a sweet letter. She openly discussed the terrible memories of being brutally embarrassed by a past partner due to her weight in a TikTok video. She talked about how wearing pants might bring on those painful memories while chuckling a little. She can now, however, look back on her path with humor and strength.

The Unseen Wounds

Valerie clarified that although she can chuckle now at her outfit selection, it wasn’t always the case. She used to never wear jeans because of the cruel remarks made about her weight. She describes the awful taunts and the remarks that implied she was unmotivated or unworthy of affection. Because of those wounds, she now has what she refers to as “hidden injuries”—the psychological, verbal, and emotional assault that never really goes away.


“Hidden injuries” are invisible to others, yet when they reappear, they affect us on a daily basis. Valerie did, however, convey her thankfulness for the strides she had made toward recovery.

Getting Over My Fear and Making a Decision

Valerie said that she was afraid some people would encourage her to move on and that’s why she was afraid to share this message. However, she had a powerful message for anyone who dared to make disparaging remarks. “This is called moving on,” she murmured. We call this mending. And a warm welcome to everyone who feels seen and can relate to this. I’m just one more person in your clan.

Recovering from Heartbreak

Valerie didn’t name a specific ex-partner, but her open remarks were made soon after she talked about how her divorce had affected her healing. She talked about how she actively seeks healing through journaling, meditation, bodywork, and therapy because she believes that emotional suffering may be physically stored in the body.


After they had been legally separated for six months, Valerie Vitale filed for divorce from her ex-husband in May 2022. She also excitedly announced her formal divorce in November 2022, calling it the “second best day of my life.”

Valerie boldly announced that she has chosen a route of self-discovery and healing, and that she is done with the narcissistic influence of her past.

Many people take encouragement in Valerie Bertinelli’s story of overcoming humiliation and finding healing. Her boldness in telling her tale and offering consolation to others who can identify is evidence of her tenacity and fortitude. She demonstrates to us that although if emotional wounds are invisible, they may be healed and used as a tool for empowerment. Valerie extends an invitation to each of us to embrace our personal healing journeys and come out stronger on the other side.

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