Eddie Murphy ordered to pay $61,000 monthly child support to Mel B

Mel B, the former Spice Girl, recently requested an increase in her child support payments in court, citing a large decline in her income. Eddie Murphy, Mel B’s daughter’s father, has been ordered to pay $61,000 in child support per month in response.

Following a prior agreement in which Murphy was making monthly payments of $44,000, this verdict was made. However, Mel B attempted to adjust the child support payments due to a substantial decline in her income.

Mel B’s attorneys argued for the change, according to the court filings, saying that Mel had been privileged to lead a good lifestyle for herself and Angel up until recently.

Melanie’s salary has unfortunately dropped significantly to the point where she has to think about adjusting child support for the first time.

According to the terms of the deal, Murphy—who is regarded as a “extraordinarily high earner”—will make the higher payments beginning in October of last year and continuing until their daughter Angel becomes eighteen. He has also committed to paying Mel B’s legal bills.

It is noteworthy that when Mel B became pregnant in 2006, Murphy first denied being Angel’s father. But subsequently, a paternity test verified his relationship with Angel. Murphy continues to be involved in his daughter’s life, even if their relationship started off unpleasant.

“Brutally Honest,” Mel B’s memoir, talked about their previous relationship and the breakup that followed. She called Murphy the love of her life, but after parting ways with him for a few days to consider their future together, she disclosed that she had been “spectacularly dumped.”

Murphy’s contemptuous reaction to Mel B’s choice left her feeling bewildered and ashamed. Even though it was heartbreaking, things have healed since then.


Mel B clarified that Angel’s mother, Lillian, and Murphy are now very much a part of his life. She said how happy it makes her to watch her daughter come to know the man who so strongly reminds her of her father.

Mel B also discussed her financial difficulties after her acrimonious divorce from Stephen Belafonte in 2017. She disclosed that, in spite of her career earnings of over £80 million ($158 million), she left her second marriage with only US$936 ($1667) in her bank account. She probably needed more child support from Murphy as a result of her financial struggles.

All things considered, this latest twist in Eddie Murphy and Mel B’s continuing child support dispute emphasizes how crucial it is to look out for their daughter. It is evident that both parents are now dedicated to giving Angel the greatest life possible, regardless of their history.

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