Blake Shelton Opens Up About Leaving ‘The Voice’ and Prioritizing Family

Blake Shelton’s tenure as a coach on “The Voice” is coming to an end after 12 years and nine wins. The iconic NBC singing competition will be leaving after season 23, as the country artist confirmed. He expressed his gratitude for the show and all those involved. Shelton considers his reasons for leaving and his plans for the future as he gets ready to say goodbye to his coaching position.

Saying Goodbye to “The Voice”

Shelton expressed his sincere decision to depart “The Voice” following its 23rd season in an Instagram post. He thanked the program, noting how it had enhanced his life and given him a sense of belonging. Shelton expressed his gratitude to all of the NBC employees for their commitment and help throughout the years, including the writers, producers, musicians, crew, and catering staff. It’s evident that the experienced instructor has had an amazing adventure.

Accepting Quality Family Time

Shelton left “The Voice” mostly in order to spend more time with his wife, Gwen Stefani, and her kids. After the season concludes, Shelton intends to focus on making enduring experiences with his loved ones. He revealed in an interview that he’s eager to settle into a modest and comfortable life with Stefani after years of traveling and working. They enjoy spending time together and take pleasure in simple pleasures like staying in and binge-watching their favorite television.

The Upcoming Phase of Shelton’s Musical Career

Shelton is keen to pursue new prospects in his music career even if his family comes first. He recognizes the amazing talent that is rising in the country music business as well as how the genre is changing. Shelton intends to step back from “The Voice” in order to concentrate on finishing his upcoming album and making sure it fits in with the current music landscape. He enjoys the music of up-and-coming, creative musicians and tries to figure out where he fits in the dynamic world of country music.

Taking Up New Projects

Shelton is enthusiastic about pursuing endeavors outside of music. Among these is his game show, “Barmageddon,” which he co-created with Carson Daly, host of “The Voice.” Shelton is not in a rush to take on a new project, but he is still open to fresh options. Shelton is happy to take things one step at a time and give himself more personal and family time, even though some may disagree with his decision to leave “The Voice.”


Considering a Journey That Changed My Life

For Shelton, quitting “The Voice” was not an easy choice. His career has been greatly impacted by the show, which has helped him become a more successful country musician. It moved him from a seasoned artist to the highest ranks of the country music industry. In an interview, Shelton acknowledged the influence “The Voice” had on his life and expressed his appreciation for the chances it gave him. He feels that, in spite of the show’s enormous impact, a fresh start and some much-needed relaxation are in order.

Blake Shelton is looking forward to a future full of family, music, and new experiences as the last season of “The Voice” draws to a close. Even though Shelton is leaving his coaching position, his determination to focus on the essentials in life is what drove him to make this choice. We can anticipate that he will continue to leave his imprint on the music business and treasure the time he spends with his loved ones as he sets out on this new adventure.

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