Old and paralyzed dog that was abandoned, meets the sea and true love before dying

Throughout his final days, the dog found comfort in the knowledge that there are nice people in the world.

Heart, a German shepherd, seemed destined for death in complete abandonment and multiple needs after dedicating the pleasant years of his life to an unappreciative family. But as his story shows, optimism is ultimately what keeps us alive, and this dog’s grandfather crossed the rainbow with plenty of love.

The little child was abandoned in a historic home in order for his lifestyle to develop there.

Thankfully, the former owners’ intentions were foiled, and the men from the animal rights organization Qua la Paampa, based in Bitonto, Bari (Italy), made the decision to step in.

Heart was paralyzed and had to crawl down the avenue in search of nourishment until she was baptized once, thanks to Gianna Serena Manfredi, who saved her. The animal friend would make his way back to the old home where they had left him at night, acting as the gentleman he should be. This boy has had a really difficult time during those years. The volunteers attempted to help Heart regain his movement by the time they were able to save him. For a while, they even used a wheelchair, but his backbone’s swelling was becoming worse.

They knew there was nothing more they could have done to help the dog get well, but they did want to save his heart, so they dedicated themselves to giving him the best possible last days. The woman wanted Heart to know what true love was like up near and personal, before she passed away.

Furthermore, the Samaritan woman decided to provide him with a very honorable and tranquil conclusion. Heart in the wheelchair he spent some time using.

Gianna enabled the dog to understand the ocean and lie on his mattress to feel the cleanest, most restorative wind. “And we headed to the shore, which was once breathtaking. The sound of the water filled the otherwise quiet winter air, and the wind tickled my ears as the waves crashed against the cliffs. The employer posted on Facebook, “It used to be very relaxing, I nearly fell asleep forgetting all the ache of abandonment by using the one who cherished me very little.”

Heart was completely paralyzed on his rear legs when he discovered the sea, but his caregivers were able to give him a brief taste of the bloodless water. “(Forget) the pain they begin to feel from their injuries, the pain from not being able to rush after the tiny dog that used to go for walks after the rock. I was unable to get in touch with the water, but the characters assisted me in getting around and even got me some water on my face. It had once been clear and fragrant with freedom,” he continued.

The pain It’s unbelievable that Heart survived his abandonment at one point. However, these mortal angels tried everything within their power to help him forget. The domestic dog lived out his final days in bliss, knowing that there are good people on the planet in addition to the bad ones.

Heart endured unimaginable suffering, but Gianna affirmed that love is the universal healer. Tell your friends about this tale to show them that anyone can become a flesh-and-blood angel.


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