Jennifer Garner, 51, ditches the makeup and sporting wet hair while running errands in Brentwood… following THAT adorable conversation with her ex-husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner avoided makeup during a relaxed Saturday outing in Brentwood, California, showcasing her natural beauty. The Houston-born actress easily garnered notice with her young appeal throughout her outing.

Jennifer wore comfortable, easygoing clothing, complementing with stylish black shades and basic white tennis shoes. She wore a sleeveless top that was both comfortable for the warm weather and a great way to flaunt her toned and thin biceps.

With such effortless grace, Jennifer ran her errands, holding her tote bag and purse in one hand while conversing on the phone with the other. Her effortless multitasking demonstrated her efficiency and calmness.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Jennifer Garner visited New York recently for work-related purposes including Once Upon A Farm, her organic line of baby food and snacks. The actress has been pursuing her business ventures with great vigor, managing both her job and motherhood responsibilities.

Jennifer Garner is the proud mother of three children who live in Brentwood: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, and she share joint legal guardianship of their three children, a testament to their exceptional co-parenting abilities.

The A-list celebrities wed in 2005 after previously collaborating on movies including Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. Ben made a fleeting appearance as Daredevil in a scene that was later removed, but the romance between the Elektra co-stars ultimately led to their final divorce in 2016. However, they were able to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement two years later, and they have been successfully co-parenting their children ever since.

Fans were captivated by a heartwarming sight when Ben Affleck was photographed in Florence, Italy, last week with Jennifer Garner and their kids. When Ben came, he greeted Jennifer with a big hug, showing that despite their past, they still loved and respected each other.

Jennifer Garner is still doing well in her career with her recent endeavors, which include regular appearances in Party Down on Starz and The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV Plus, where she also served as executive producer and starred in the series.

The news that Jennifer Garner would be making an unexpected return to the superhero genre in Deadpool 3 as Elektra excited MCU fans. The long government shutdown has temporarily stopped filming several television and film projects, including this one, which has left fans eagerly awaiting Jennifer’s return to the big screen in her iconic role.

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