During his The Voice audition, Elvis Presley’s grandson wows the judges with his performance of “Love Me Tender.”

Dakota Striplin asserts that he is the grandson of Elvis Presley, and it’s hard to overlook the link given his innovative rendition of “Love Me Tender” during his The Voice audition!

A young man named Dakota Striplin opens the movie with an amazing voice on his guitar and singing. Immediately after, a judge circles around her chair and puts her hand on her heart.

One of the judges says, “I need to see what’s going on here,” and she flips her chair. Upon the conclusion of his performance, a judge shares her happiness that the young man is present. He not only played an instrument but also sang, which astounds the judges.

They ask him why he chose that particular song and performer. Dakota claims that he was inspired by Elvis Presley. Everyone jokes that he might be his grandpa because his grandma loved going to the theater. The judges chuckle when they see the resemblance.

Dakota states at the outset of his account that his father doesn’t discuss his experiences very much. Conversely, his grandmother used to travel to Hawaii to assist with Elvis Presley’s performances. None of Dakota’s other children would travel to Hawaii with her, but her father would.

Elvis’s grandmother had a more severe and emotional loss at his passing. His granddad is not his genuine grandfather, according to a DNA test that was performed a few years ago. According to the idea, Dakota Striplin is the grandchild of Elvis.

Two judges then take the stage to compete to be selected as his coach after the story. Lastly, he selects the judge who cast the first vote in his favor. There’s another clip of Dakota singing during a knockout round after that.

Even while we might not always understand our origins, we can always take solace in our constant identity in Christ. We become members of God’s family when we accept Jesus as our Savior.

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