This woman left an angry note on a stranger’s car when they parked in her spot — but it actually led to a major good deed

When a stranger parked in her space, this woman put a furious note on their vehicle, but it ultimately resulted in a really nice deed.

After her friend was given a parking ticket for parking in her designated space, Imgur Pemu shared these pictures.

This woman chose to send off a furious note.

She was annoyed that she was being punished for having her parking space stolen by an unknown individual.

“Hello, Stranger I received a penalty for parking on the street overnight without a permit because you were in my spot last night and are still there. I’m in debt. I have the option to ticket and tow you from these privately owned locations. I promise not to, but kindly don’t park there once more.

She was astonished to see an envelope under her windshield wiper the next day. She was shocked to find $100 in cash and a letter of apologies.

“Let me start by saying I’m sorry for parking in your space. I want to donate this to you to cover the cost of the ticket and anything else you require because I was careless in my previous actions. Around this time of year, things might get difficult. The a**hole who parked in your space had a Merry Christmas.

Maybe there is yet hope for humanity!

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