«Maggie and Ralph are 66 and 89!» Here are Chamberlain and Rachel Ward then and now


The talented actors who played Ralph and Maggie in “The Thorn Birds,” R. Chamberlain and R. Ward, are pictured here. This well-liked miniseries, which debuted in 1983, gained international attention and rapidly became a hit, drawing in millions of people.

The well-known performer who played Ralph has also won a Golden Globe. Maggie was played by Rachel. The actor who played Maggie’s husband Luke, Bryan Brow, and Ward were romantically involved.

Their on-screen chemistry resulted in a marriage and the birth of three children. Even at the age of 89, Richard continues to wow his devoted followers with his magnetism.

He made a different decision and announced his retirement nine years ago, much to the amazement of everyone. Some continue to laud his extraordinary talent and professionalism. And people who once admired Maggie hardly know her anymore.

For their devoted admirers, though, the enduring stars of the popular miniseries remain the finest. Check them out now and let us know what you think!

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