Group Of Soulful Navy Sailors Steps To The Stage To Perform Songs From the 60s But Wait Till The Music Starts

Some tunes are timeless. The audience had no idea what to expect when the five naval sailors who made up the ensemble Sea Chanters took the stage to sing.

Nevertheless, when the sailors started singing, the audience’s expectations were exceeded.

The Sea Chanters faced the audience when they began their act.

The crowd was curious as to what they would be singing, with an orchestra playing in the background. The five sailors beat out the beat, then spun around to sing beloved songs from the 1960s, bringing joy to their audience.

Viewers can be seen cheering and grinning contagiously with the men as they swing dance and sing along in the distance. It was obvious that everyone liked the show just as much as the sailors did singing to them.

Everyone in the crowd was able to smile thanks to the Sea Chanters. All you need on sometimes is a little love and some motivation from the greatest 1960s hits.

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