Actress Sally Field was the love of Burt Reynolds’ life, but she refused to speak to him in his final 30 years

A great deal of sadness was felt by millions of people worldwide when Burt Reynolds passed away in 2018. The well-known actor, who was loved for his charisma and charm, had a lot of health issues in the final stages of his life.

One person who suffered greatly as a result of Burt’s departure was Sally Field, his girlfriend with whom he had experienced both happy and unhappy moments during the years. Up until Burt’s passing, Sally had mostly kept quiet about their relationship; after that, she decided to speak out.

Burt Reynolds admitted one day that Sally Field was the only real love he had ever experienced in any of his relationships. In a forthright interview with Vanity Fair, he declared that Sally Fields was the lady he would always remember.

Their story of love was not without its challenges. The directors were first hesitant to cast Sally in the film “Smokey and the Bandit” because they didn’t think she was “sexy enough,” but Burt pushed in getting her in. In the end, Burt’s resolute assistance enabled her to secure the role.

Their on-screen chemistry was palpable, and their off-screen romance thrived. Sally told about how she wanted to achieve all of Burt’s aspirations and how he made her feel seductive. The well-known duo solidified their status as a Hollywood dream team by collaborating on several films, including “Hooper” and “The End.”

The public was fascinated by their love story since the media closely monitored their every step for the duration of their nearly five-year engagement. But their seemingly happily ever after ended in 1980 when they decided to call it quits.

Behind the scenes, though, their relationship was more complex than most people realized. In her memoirs “In Pieces,” Sally Field revealed how charming and multiple award-winning actor Burt Reynolds made use of her. She described how he used his fame as a tool to control everyone around him, including her. “Unconsciously, I slipped into a pattern that had developed in my life for a long time, a predetermined conduct as though I had previously made a soul-binding vow to this man,” Sally wrote.

What had begun as a beautiful love story had taken a dreadful turn for Sally. She felt as though she was no longer herself, that Burt’s wants had taken control. Burt had made multiple marriage proposals, but she didn’t think he was sincere about it. Even though their relationship wasn’t perfect, Sally thought that continuing it would have been detrimental to both of them.

Following their breakup, both actors moved on and began seeing other people. However, Burt always remembered Sally Fields, and he admitted that he was probably partially to blame for their split. He apologized deeply and continued, “I miss her terribly.” I still find it challenging. I don’t know why I was acting so foolishly. Men are simply that way, you know. You look for the perfect companion and then try your hardest to destroy the bond.

Sally made the decision to stop speaking with Burt in his latter years, and he kept his regrets to himself for over 40 years. She had not spoken to him in years and had no desire to rekindle their romance.

It is quite embarrassing for Sally that there have been rumors that Burt had an affair, even though the specific reasons for their breakup have never been revealed. It was these reports that made her feel foolish.

However, upon Burt’s passing, Sally Fields chose to come out and disclose something that could have triggered mixed emotions. She remarked, “There are moments in your life that are so enduring that they never fade.” They are still around forty years later. I will always cherish the years I had with Burt. He will always be a part of my past and my emotions, for as long as I live. You relax, my friend.

At the age of 82, Burt Reynolds passed away in 2018 following a heart attack, surrounded by his loved ones.

Since then, Sally—who is already 76 years old—has opened up in an interview with NPR about her genuine love for Burt and their relationship. She said, “I’ve always thought of him rather nostalgically.” He was really important in my life for a very short time. I spent the following two years with him, although just part-time. That’s around two years. But it had such a profound effect on my life and growth as a person.

Sally added that she was glad Burt passed away before she could publish her memoir since she felt he wouldn’t have approved of some passages. She described their relationship as “confusing, complicated, and hurtful.”

Burt and Sally Fields were ultimately granted another chance at their special bond. It’s consoling to know that she still loves him and treasures the moments they shared, no matter where he may be these days.

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