A Mother of Two Hid Her Face For 12 Years And No One Knew What She Looked Like`

Saundra Crockett: An Inspiration of Hope and Resilience

A Sordid Past Surfaces

Saundra Crockett’s perfect life with her family started to fall apart when she was 28. She found herself in a vicious circle of mental and physical suffering as a result of her husband’s change from a caring spouse to a violent abuser.

Trapped in Silence and Wearing a Mask

Instead of disclosing her terrifying experience, Saundra covered up her emotional and physical wounds. Her decision to wear a mask turned into a moving symbol of her quiet suffering. However, the brutality continued, leading to infections and potentially fatal facial damage.

A beacon of hope and a brink of despair

When they went to the doctor, the bad news was that they only had three days to live. Nevertheless, Saundra overcome these odds thanks to her unwavering attitude and the commitment of the medical staff.
Saundra left her violent husband and set out on a quest to rebuild her life, all the while protecting her kids. However, the psychological and physical wounds persisted. Her once-bright visage now discolored, she put on a mask to protect herself from the prying eyes of society.

But there was a bright side waiting for fate. Hope was restored when she happened to meet Deborah Alessi, the founder of a non-profit that supports victims of domestic abuse.

Deborah extended more than just moral support with her act of solidarity. Saundra was gifted reconstructive surgery by her renowned surgeon husband, which restored her face functions and helped her return to a semblance of normalcy.

A Fresh Start: From Sufferer to Winner

Saundra is a shining example for many others who are victims of domestic abuse today. Her decision to remove her mask and show off her wounds with pride makes her the embodiment of fortitude, resiliency, and optimism. As an ally and champion now, Saundra pledges to support other survivors and spread the word that light can and will break through even the darkest circumstances.

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