To keep their aging dog company, the family takes turns sleeping on the couch.

As they age, our dogs slow down a little, but we still make every effort to make sure they have a comfortable and happy final years.

But one family went over and beyond for their aging dog, modifying their sleeping schedules so he felt valued.

At fourteen years old, Spike is an English springer spaniel. Like many dogs his age, he is unable to move around as he once did. He recently suffered his second stroke, which makes climbing and descending stairs challenging for him.

Regrettably, this meant that Spike would have to give up his favorite activity, which has been lying in bed with his family since he was a puppy.

Spike’s owner Catherine Morris told The Dodo, “The first night we had him, we closed the stair gate and went to bed.” He whimpered for a short while before bolting through the dark gate and prancing right up onto the bed in my parents’ room! And from then on, he slept there.

Since their bedroom was on the second story, Spike’s favorite spot was no longer accessible. He persisted in trying despite his fragile condition, to the extent that his family had to close the stairs to prevent him from trying.


Rather, they came up with a cute fix: they would go downstairs and sleep with Spike if he couldn’t come upstairs to join them!

To keep the elderly canine company, family members now rotate spending the night downstairs with Spike on the pull-out sofa.

After graduating from college, Catherine was shocked to learn about her parents’ new sleeping arrangement because they had always had a close bond with Spike.

Catherine told The Dodo, “They’re completely inseparable.” They are constantly chattering away, and my dad refers to him as the “old bean.”

“In order to ensure that Spike receives his medication and maintains his strength, my dad will also carry food and water to the sofa and feed him by hand.”

Even though Spike isn’t the same tiny puppy he used to be, his family’s love and support for him never wavers.

They demonstrate their willingness to do whatever it takes to make Spike’s remaining years as special as possible with their selfless endeavor.

She continued, “We are so grateful to have our old boy in our lives and we love him so much.” “Hopefully, by giving him all the love in the world, we have made up for his rough start in life.”

People often go to amazing lengths to ensure their dogs are content. We appreciate the family’s efforts in taking care of their senior dog.

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