The season’s winner will be Kelly Clarkson’s soulful serenade, which dazzles a 16-year-old with Dolly Parton’s voice.

The 16-year-old Chevel Shepherd grew up in Farmington, New Mexico, a tiny town. This small-framed youngster, who is barely 4’10”, possesses a voice that is larger than life. She was unveiled to the public for the first time during her shocking blind audition for Season 15 of The Voice.


“The Band Perry” scored a hit in 2010 and it was Chevel’s blind audition song. Even though Chevel is trembling visibly when she starts out, it is obvious that she has talent. The coach, Kelly Clarkson, was the first to realize this. Within a few bars of the song, Kelly smashes her button and flips her chair around.


While Chevel’s voice, which is naturally gruff, grows, judge Blake Shelton realizes he wants to be a part of this gift too. The hall fills with the confident sound of the diminutive powerhouse as the final two judges consider their choices while seated in their chairs. Adam Levine was the only judge to not move his chair in favor of Chevel; Jennifer Hudson was the next to do so.

The judges were obviously surprised and stunned by Chevel’s audition performance. Kelly Clarkson, who commented, “You were in your head a lot…but I would love to work with you,” said that Chevel was first obviously scared. She went so far as to commend her and liken her voice to Dolly Parton’s.


The other judges also gave Chevel high marks. “Pure and beautiful,” Jennifer Hudson said of her voice, and Blake said, “There’s going to be a lot of growth for you on this show.” Oh, was he ever right! Every week, as Chevel gained confidence and expertise, her voice became more and more powerful.

After a friendly rivalry between Blake and Kelly in their attempts to convince Chevel to join their team, she suddenly decides to mentor Kelly. Chevel, who went on to win the season finale on December 19, found the perfect coach in Kelly Clarkson.

What an exciting journey this lively teenager has already made. Soon after winning, Chevel remarked of her time on The Voice, “It’s been crazy just getting the opportunity.” Few 16-year-olds, let alone teenagers, get the opportunity to perform on The Voice stage and sing for the entire world while receiving guidance from Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, and Thomas Rhett. It’s very amazing and has changed my life.

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