Husband dies unexpectedly, leaving his wife with eight children – his concealed condition was neglected by everyone.

Being a father has always been James Green’s dream. So it makes sense that he was ecstatic to hear that he and his wife, Cloe, were expecting their first child.

Following the birth of their second child, the British couple made the decision to continue and grow their family.

James would smile and wink at Cloe when she thought they had had enough kids, saying, “Just one more, Clo.”


James was just happy to be a dad. James worked from home to be as present for his children as possible, even though Cloe was a full-time employee.

James was the one who spent the majority of the evenings with the children and drove them to and from school. He seemed to be in good health and was a loving, active parent.

When James and Cloe’s sixth child was born with cerebral palsy, they thought their family was big enough. After visiting the doctor, Cloe received an implant for contraception.


James claimed that Cloe’s unexpected second pregnancy was fate.

The couple believed that their family was finally complete after having eight children.

Then, on December 4, 2015, a mere 12 weeks after receiving their youngest child, everything changed dramatically.

Cloe discovered James wasn’t breathing when she woke up in her bed.


When Cloe and James were teenagers, they fell in love. Early in the relationship, James talked a lot about wanting kids. He wanted a big family and to start early.

James was a big man, full of love to give and a big heart.


Cloe’s first pregnancy occurred when she was seventeen years old. Leo was a surprise to her and James, who were ecstatic about their first kid.

With their second son born, Levi, Cloe, and James were more and more confident that they wanted a large family.

Two years later, Chloe became pregnant with Oliver. Not long after, their first child, Megan, was born.

Miley was born shortly after that. Her cerebral disability from birth need constant medical care.

Cloe and James came to the conclusion that parenting Miley required certain sacrifices, but in the end, their family was complete.

Cloe had contraception inserted in order to avoid getting pregnant in the future.

But destiny had other ideas. Unexpectedly, Cloe became pregnant once more.

“James stated that having more children was meant to be,” the woman asserted.

Soon later, Lacey and Lexi were born, both suffering from cerebral palsy.

Like he had been with all of his prior pregnancies, James was overjoyed. However, the couple felt that having eight kids would be sufficient.

James was, by all accounts, an excellent parent. With eight children living at home, he had to devote a lot of time to caring for them, which was his entire life’s work.

James worked from home even though Cloe was a full-time mother, allowing them to give their kids their undivided attention.

She went on, “He would run the kids to school, then go work at the café before picking them up.” After that, he would read and play games until it was time for bed. He had a lot of energy.

Twelve weeks after they welcomed Elijah into their family, the unthinkable occurred.

James and Cloe slept like normal.

But about 4:30 a.m., James woke up and started behaving strangely. When he sat down straight in bed, he felt completely numb. He went into a seizure and stopped breathing quickly.

Before paramedics arrived and took over, Cloe performed CPR on her husband.

Cloe remarked, “I wanted to scream and cry, but I knew I had to be calm.”

James passed away in bed. It was only January 31st, 2001.

No one had previously detected James’s high blood pressure.

His condition was hypertensive heart disease, a kind of heart disease marked by consistently elevated blood pressure.

Like James, a great deal of those who have the illness are ignorant that they have it.

Furthermore, because James did not receive the routine medical examinations that are recommended for everyone, nobody understood how bad the problem was.

James passed away suddenly and suddenly. Her loved ones provided assistance to Cloe, who was left alone and heartbroken with eight children.

When Cloe saw the eight young faces depending on her, she understood she had to do it for James and for them. “In my darkest moments, I wondered how I was going to do it without James,” Cloe said.

In remembrance of James, Cloe dedicated herself even more to their kids.

Cloe says that she finds comfort in remembering James with their kids.

“He made me a strong enough parent to handle this job alone and loved being a dad more than anything.”

James is remembered by Cloe and her kids in little but heartfelt ways, as when they blow up balloons and let them soar through the air.

Cloe feels that a part of James’ soul will always be missing. However, she is happy that her husband’s wish to have a big, loving family has come true.

The Green community has been a great support to Cloe and the kids. Among other things, they contributed approximately $10,000 to reconstruct the family garden and give the kids a secure area to play.

Cloe has experienced things that no one should have to go through, yet the tragedy has made her stronger.

Seeing her fight for her children and herself is so motivating.

Please tell this horrible story to recognize James’ amazing parenting and Cloe’s bravery!

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