A young boy bids farewell to the pizza delivery man with a hug, and not long after, the boy’s mother stumbles upon a devastating revelation.

You never know what challenges someone might be dealing with.Always go for kindness!

This heartwarming tale illustrates how even the tiniest deeds of kindness can have a big impact.

One evening, Lindsey Sheely, a resident of West Warwick, Rhode Island, ordered pizza.Her 2-year-old son, Cohen, hurried to greet the delivery man as she walked outside to pick up her food and gave him a hug.All the child had to do was extend his arms to the man, and the delivery person gave him a nice hug in return.

This endearing moment was recorded by Lindsey’s doorbell camera.She made the decision to post the video on social media in the hopes of encouraging others.She was unaware at the time of the significance of her son’s gesture to the delivery guy.

After the video went viral and was shared numerous times, Lindsey got a message from a man named Ryan Carter, who was actually the person her kid had hugged on delivery.He asked if she would allow him to show her the footage.She was more than happy to give it to him, but after looking over his profile, she discovered that he had sadly lost his 16-year-old daughter, Alyssa, a week before.

I felt as though my daughter was with me when I lost her the week before.It was very meaningful to me, Ryan said WLNE.

Seeing the deep effect her son’s embrace had on Ryan, Lindsey called it “a little blessing from God.”

She declared, “I think in divine intervention and know that Ryan was the one who delivered our pizza for a reason.”

That hug was just what this heartbroken father needed, and it arrived at the ideal moment.

He told NBC 10 News, “It was almost as if the universe or my daughter had sent it to me.”

“You never know what people are going through,” adds Lindsey.This is a fantastic illustration of that, and we totally concur.

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