A three-month-old baby humming “Twinkle, twinkle, little star.” You’ll feel good all day after watching this video.

Your baby will begin to communicate to you by three and a half months old whether they prefer to be by themselves or with other people.

Whether he will grow up to be an extrovert or a recluse is unknown.
There are babies who prefer to be in large crowds and babies who prefer to be by themselves or with a small group of people.
Your kid, who is 14 weeks old, will pick up a lot of knowledge from his surroundings, and his developing brain will process and interpret it all.

He will now want to look about the entire house and show much greater interest in other areas.


Your child’s upper torso and the muscles surrounding their neck will become sufficiently strong. He might be able to glance about for a while with his neck straight.

Hum and make light noises while you fly around the home with your infant on your shoulder.

Going backwards can set off a huge riot and make him smile and laugh, provided he holds in a way that permits him to look back.


You can use a large beach ball or gym ball to support your infant while you exercise.

Next, while you gently roll the ball in various ways, let the infant to move around and wriggle a little in each direction.

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