The soldier is in the process of paying for his order, but he has a change of heart upon hearing two boys, who are visibly shivering, express their hunger.

An Act of Compassion by an Army Lieutenant Colonel Goes Viral

Many people believe that military troops, whose duty it is to defend our interests as a nation, epitomize the finest form of patriotism. People have a great deal of respect and gratitude for them since they are prepared to risk their lives to defend their country. But for many military personnel, such as Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, the fundamental virtues of humility and compassion are as important, and they are frequently demonstrated in daily life rather than in combat.

This heartwarming tale starts at a nearby Taco Bell location at Fort Benning, Georgia.


An Unexpected Meeting at Taco Bell

Father of two and currently stationed at Fort Benning, Lt. Col. Risdon decided to stop by the local Taco Bell one day because he was hungry. He had placed his order, received his food, and was just getting comfortable to eat when two small boys came up to him.
The lads, who are 9 and 13 years old, were earning money for their neighborhood church by selling their baked treats. However, when they presented their wares to Lt. Col. Risdon, he saw that their clothing was cold and damp, indicating that they were from a low-income family.

An Instance of Empathy

Lt. Col. Risdon decided to intervene because he trusted his gut. He questioned the lads about their meal and their level of hunger. When he saw that they really were, he did something that was really human: he showed kindness. He extended an invitation to the guys to dine with him, allowing them to select anything from the menu at their discretion.
A fellow diner named Jason Gibson noticed the heartwarming scenario and recorded it on tape. Jason posted the video on Facebook after being moved by the thoughtful act. He praised Lt. Col. Risdon’s compassion and humility and asked people to tell others about this amazing soldier and person.

The Effect of a Generous Deed

After going viral fast, the video attracted the interest of national media outlets. Lt. Col. Risdon acknowledged the humble experience while expressing his thanks for the award.

But he also pointed out that many others carry out similar deeds of kindness on a daily basis.

“I don’t necessarily seek praise, but I feel embarrassed and humbled by it,” Lt. Col. Risdon said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“I truly think that we live in the best nation on earth, full of amazing people, and good deeds happen every day.”

You should watch the video of this selfless deed because it shows how humble this soldier really is.

The selfless deed of generosity by Lt. Col. Risdon exemplifies the finer aspects of humanity. He is a bright example of the optimism that permeates our country. If you concur that his deeds ought to be honored and commemorated, please share!

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