Son moved his mother into a nursing home and paid her occasional visits.

Due to a shortage of time, a son moved his mother into a nursing facility and only occasionally visited her.

One day, he got a call indicating she wasn’t feeling well. The son, who was now crying, asked the mother what he could do for her, and she gave a heartfelt response.

Have you ever started to question if karma really exists?

Are we being penalized for our inadequacies or rewarded for our efforts?Some people never think through the consequences of their choices, and in my opinion, this always catches them off guard later in life. After his father passed away, a man decided to put her mother in a nursing home.

He just didn’t have enough time to take care of her with everything going on. He didn’t even visit very often. only for the small window of time he had.One day, he got a call telling him she was rapidly deteriorating. It looked like she was living her last days.

As soon as the son arrived at the nursing home, he went into his mother’s room. He asked if there was anything he could do to assist as soon as possible. The mother made very few requests, but her severe glare was piercing his eyes.

She told him that she wanted the fans changed because she used to periodically suffocate, chasing after every breath. She desired to replace the refrigerator as well. Every now and again she skipped meals since the refrigerator ruined everything that was meant to be kept cold.

The son was taken entirely by surprise. He thought his mother didn’t know that she was dying. While sobbing, he wondered why she hadn’t told him everything sooner. It was too late now.

“I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you next to them either,” the mother murmured, casting him the same harsh look in the eyes. And they’ll transport you over here.You will then discover improved circumstances. You receive what you give… Never forget that.

These comments broke the son’s heart into a million pieces. He knew that if he had kept her with him, she could have lived out her last years with her family instead of being pushed against her will into a nursing home.

We have an obligation to make sure our parents enjoy their golden years, and we must never, ever forget that! To help spread the word about how much a mother loves her children, please SHARE this touching story with your family and friends.

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