She Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband, Years Later He Awoke And Said 2 Unexpected Words

A Tale of Hope and Healing: Wife Disobeys Doctor’s Advice to Preserve Husband

The Unimaginable Misfortune

After her husband Matt Davis had a devastating motorcycle accident only seven months into their marriage, Danielle Davis was forced to make a decision that would change her life. The doctors advised that he be taken off life support because that is what they would want for their own families.
Danielle recounted, “They said they’d pull the plug if it was them.”
A Step of Belief

Danielle took the heartbreaking decision to keep Matt on life support despite medical advice, putting her faith in a miracle.
“I felt that God could carry him through, and God could handle the situation,” she remarked.
Home: The Long Road

Under the careful supervision of Danielle and his mother-in-law, Matt made his way back home. Danielle was determined to create the coziest possible atmosphere for him.
“Let’s give him the best view in the world if he’s just going to be a body in a bed,” she said.
Symbols of a Healing

After receiving home care for several months, Matt eventually said, “I’m trying.” A gradual but steady recovery, both psychologically and physically, ensued. The resurgence of his personality was best illustrated by a specific instance when Matt asked for a “buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s,” much to the surprise of everyone in the vicinity.
The Trip Proceeds

Matt is no longer able to move or recall the details of their wedding, even though he has regained his long-term memory. Still, he had a few wise words of wisdom for other husbands.
Matt said, “Take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Public Response

Many people have been moved by the narrative, and positive comments have been left on social media.
One reader said, “Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God.”
Another said, “With God, anything is possible.”

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