Mia Robertson can’t stop crying

Mia Robertson have ability. Mia Robertson, the daughter of Missy and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty, is in sorrow this week following the news of a man’s passing who had a big influence on her life.

After treating the young kid for many years, Dr. David Genecov passed away in a car accident. While Missy Robertson’s daughter Mia was having surgery to fix her cleft lip and palate, she shared the news on Instagram.

“Mia and I were made stronger than we could have ever imagined by his unwavering support that we can accomplish difficult things,” Missy adds. “His kind personality helped soothe her (and me).

Since Mia Robertson was a young child, her path has been painstakingly chronicled. In July, she underwent her fourteenth procedure, which she hopes will be her last. To make sure that every kid has the chance to smile, her Mia Moo Fund was formed.

Missy Robertson says she told Mia about the problem, and Mia is taking it very seriously. The family will always cherish Dr. Genecov’s openness to involve Mia in decision-making and his immaculate appearance.

For the voyage her cleft would travel, he was more than we could have dreamed or anticipated. We are appreciative of the job he performed for Mia and all of his cleft lip and palate patients, as well as the legacy of medical advancements he leaves for future generations, even though we will miss him terribly.

Mia has not yet included any mention of the incident in her posts on social media. Her mother goes on, “She can’t remember her life before she met Dr. David.” “We beg that you offer prayers for his family and all those impacted by his passing.”

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