Melissa Gilbert Hospitalized After Bug Bite Turns Serious

Melissa Gilbert, a former star of the beloved television program “Little House on the Prairie,” has opened up about her terrifying hospital stay after what appeared to be a small bug bite. The 59-year-old actress is advising her followers to not put off getting medical help if symptoms increase from mosquito bites and to treat them seriously.

Melissa shared two photos from her most recent ER visit along with a description of her ordeal on Instagram. Her goal was to increase awareness of the seriousness of bug bites, even though they might not seem like much at first.

From a Basic Insect Bite to the ER

Gilbert began her story with a dry sense of humor, describing her ER visit as an exciting evening. She described how two days before she had been bitten by a flying insect, not a wasp or a bee. She began to experience troubling symptoms the next night: her arm was unusually swollen, heated, and red.

After speaking with her physician, she was instructed to get medical help right away. Gilbert attributes her husband Tim Busfield’s persistence in convincing her to go to the emergency room right away. She had an abscess and cellulitis, according to the results of a battery of testing.

An abscess is defined by the U.S. National Library of Medicine as a pus-filled pocket that can form almost anywhere in the body. On the other hand, cellulitis, as defined by the American Academy of Dermatology, is a potentially fatal skin infection that arises from bacterial infiltration of deeper skin layers through a wound.

Fast Healing and Recuperation

Gilbert received an IV at the hospital that contained antibiotics, Benadryl, and acetaminophen. Although the medication appeared to work right away, she had trouble sleeping that entire night. Benadryl, ibuprofen, and oral antibiotics are helping the actress recover further.
Gilbert cautioned her followers not to write off a bite as minor, especially if there is significant swelling, and emphasized the significance of seeking medical assistance as soon as possible for insect bites. She emphasized her point by saying that a situation like this may have had serious repercussions in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s day, such amputation or death.

She concluded her story with a humorous nod to Bonsecours Hospital in Port Jervis, New York, and vowed to take her medication and rest like a “good bunny,” attributing her predicament to the “stupid bug bite.”

Reactions from Fans and Other Celebrities

Well wishes poured in for Gilbert from her followers and famous pals after her post. Actress Donna Murphy commended her husband for acting quickly and thanked Gilbert for sharing her story despite the difficulty. Actor Michael Beach said he was surprised at how much of an impact a random bug bite might have.

This experience should serve as a clear reminder to everyone about the seriousness of bug bites and the urgency of seeking medical attention right away if symptoms worsen. It’s a timely warning, especially as the warmer months bring us outside more.

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