“He just has a giant brain,” Paris Hilton responds angrily to disparaging remarks made about her son’s head online.

Being well-known and famous can be a lot of fun—imagine limitless wealth, extravagant red carpet parties, and mixing with society’s elite—but being in the spotlight also means facing criticism and scrutiny.

Because of her time in the spotlight, Paris Hilton has firsthand experience with this.

However, the issue became sour recently when harsh internet trolls questioned the appearance of her young son.

After derogatory comments against her 9-month-old son Phoenix Barron surfaced on social media, the reality TV star turned businesswoman was forced to stand up for him.Paris, who is known for her unwavering confidence, didn’t hesitate to protect her eldest child and stand up for herself.

Earlier this year, Paris and her husband Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix into their family with the aid of a surrogate. Phoenix is their first kid together; Carter’s previous relationship produced a daughter named Evie. As new parents, they have been navigating the challenges and joys of parenting with love and devotion.

Following their recent trip to New York, Paris posted a photo of herself holding her kid on social media. The young family was there.

Some people in the comments section stated some rather hurtful things about Phoenix’s head size. harsh comments such as “Man got a lot of thoughts up there” and “I heard this baby was developed in a lab.” And she didn’t carry it” appeared, which incited additional individuals to speak negatively as well.

Paris said, “There are some sick people in this world,” to encapsulate her frustration at the unwarranted criticism. My angel is flourishing. He has, in fact, seen a doctor; he is just very intelligent.

She went on, “[My parents] are just so obsessed with him.” I feel very fortunate to have a large support system in my close-knit family, and my sister Nicky Hilton and I are always ready for guidance over the phone.

This most recent incident serves as a warning that celebrities are still susceptible to abuse and criticism from the internet. When it comes to hate and criticism, children should always be off-limits, but Paris’s courage to confront the harsh trolls demonstrates her steadfast love for her son.

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