Caitlyn Jenner appeared with no makeup for the first time and fans thought she looked great

Whatever your opinion of her, Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a brave person.

The 70-year-old, whose real name is William Bruce Jenner, boldly declared in 2015 that she was going through a gender transition. Caitlyn encountered hostility from people all over the world who wished to discredit her after coming out as a trans woman.

But after divorcing Kris Kardashian after a 23-year marriage, she stated that she had fought gender dysmorphia from her early years and was serious about making the shift between sexes.

In September 2015, she got her name officially changed to Caitlyn Marie Jenner, and she had procedures to alter the proportions of her body to give her a more feminine appearance.

Caitlyn reportedly had facial-feminization surgery, which may have included chin and jaw sculpting, forehead and hairline correction, and forehead and chin shaping.

Before taking the greatest risk of all, she had breast augmentation, gender change surgery, and beard removal.

Caitlyn wrote in her book, “I feel not only wonderful but liberated after the successful surgery.” So why even think about it? since a penis is all that it is. Other than what I’ve already mentioned—the ability to take a whiz in the woods—it has no particular powers or uses for me. All I want is for everything to be perfect.

Naturally, some people still make fun of Caitlyn for wanting to be totally comfortable in her own flesh. But with every passing year, it appears that Caitlyn is getting closer to putting her critics to bed once and for all.

The most positive development in this regard may have been the 70-year-old’s choice to wear makeup in public for the first time when competing on the British edition of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Heads shifted when it was announced that Caitlyn was going to be joining the Australian jungle for the show, which usually stars B- and C-list British celebs. When Caitlyn revealed her innate beauty to the world, her gorgeous appearance caught everyone’s attention right away.

Some followers were so shocked by her appearance that they questioned whether she had broken the law by using cosmetics covertly.

You know how I feel? Without makeup, Caitlyn Jenner undoubtedly looks amazing. More power to her; her choice to follow her heart has inspired millions of others to follow suit.

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