5 Emotionally Charged Performances That Moved Simon Cowell to Tears

While serving as a judge on talent shows like AGT, X Factor, and American Idol, Simon Cowell acquired the nickname “Mr. Annoying.”Many spectators still recall his scathing remarks and sporadic altercations with contenders.

Recently, Simon has shown a more vulnerable side.It is well known that he is easily moved, especially by heartfelt performances and moving tales.In fact, there have been multiple instances where he has been seen crying.

Dave and Finn:
Given that Simon has a strong affinity for dogs, it should come as no surprise that he was enthralled by this BGT magic show that starred Finn, the faithful dog friend of a former police officer.Finn had nearly lost his own life while saving Dave’s.Viewers saw Simon cry as their narrative played out on film.

Evie Clark: The little vocalist sang Ella Henderson’s “Yours” during the AGT semi-final when her father was battling colon cancer in the hospital.Simon called her voice “beautiful” and said, “Your dad would be so proud of you,” following her performance.Tyra Banks, the host, noted that you could hear him fighting back tears as he spoke.

Michael Ketterer: After the AGT singer told his tale of becoming a pediatric mental health nurse and adopting five kids, Simon gave him a Golden Buzzer.Simon became so overwhelmed after his performance of James Bay’s “Us” in the semifinal that he requested Tyra to give him a moment.Tearful-eyed, he finally conveyed his views with her even though she insisted on listening to them.

“X Factor: Notoriety”Finalists: Simon recently broke down in tears while seeing the finalists sing a charity rendition of Snow Patrol’s “Run” during the X Factor: Celebrity Finale.This song was especially meaningful to Simon because it was for a charity that involved two of his favorite kids.Simon was unable to talk due to his overwhelming emotions, and his partner Lauren Silverman hurried over to give him a hug.

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