Riona was cruelly set on fire — after a year of recovery, she’s finally going to her new home

The level of brutality some people can exhibit toward animals is mind-boggling. Riona, a sweet puppy, suffered as much as anyone when her owner ruthlessly set fire to her last year.

Riona is nonetheless moving into her new house almost exactly a year after that tragic incident.

Riona, a pitbull mix, scared the neighbors in Nutbush, Tennessee, in June when she sprinted down the street while engulfed in flames. The gas scent indicated that she had been set on fire on purpose.

Mallory Mclemore of Bluff City Veterinary Specialists told Memphis Commercial Appeal that the only odor she could detect was gas.

She was burned, and diesel gasoline coated her. According to witness accounts, it was proven that she had been set on fire, says Ginger Natoli, the founder of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, in a Newsweek article. She can also be seen racing through a ball of flames on ring cam footage that we were able to secure from a neighbor.

Riona’s experience was told in a TikTok video that became popular and had millions of views, gaining support from people all around the world.

She simply never stops waving her tail, according to Mclemore.”I guess that’s what makes it worse. Just being so lovely and for someone to do something like this to her—not that it would ever be acceptable. She simply adores everyone.

As Riona’s rehabilitation progressed, Tails of Hope shared updates on it, and people sent donations and presents for the puppy.

Quishon Brown, 43, was detained in the meanwhile after being accused of lighting Riona ablaze. He was accused by the police of misdemeanor assault, two felonies, aggravated animal cruelty, and setting fire to private property. Trial is now pending in the case.

As the months went by, Riona’s health slowly but definitely became better. A moving development in Riona’s narrative has recently occurred, almost precisely a year after she was set ablaze: she is now moving into her new home!

To get Riona to her new forever home, Tails of Hope wrote that they will be driving for ten hours.

The rescue posted on Facebook that “Riona’s story is not coming to an end, in fact, it is really just beginning.” “This miracle, involving our “fighter” girl, has involved us all.”

What a terrible experience for this poor, sweet puppy to go through, but we are so grateful that Riona has found a new home after a year!

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