Marine Guard Ignores Little Boy, Then People Notice What He Does With His Left Hand

A 1997 movie that was poignant and inspirational has recently skyrocketed in popularity.

A small youngster approaches a Marine guard in the well-known commercial and asks about Santa Claus.

The guard never seems to notice the youngster at first; he never fixes his sight on him as the boy stares up at him with hope.

Unfazed, the child continues by presenting the guard with his list of Christmas wishes in the hopes that they will be granted.

Unexpectedly, the guard reaches out and snatches the boy’s list with his left hand.

This heartwarming commercial has a very vital function: it raises awareness of the Toys For Tots initiative of the Marine Corps Reserve.

New, unopened presents are accepted as part of the initiative, which was established in 1947, every year in the months of October, November, and December.

These items are then given to kids who don’t have as much to encourage them and help them grow up to be responsible, valuable, and patriotic citizens.

This short 30-second video still has a strong effect that makes people cry after being seen several times.

It differs from other Christmas commercials because of how strongly it promotes generosity and kindness.

The popularity of the film highlights how important it is for charities like Toys For Tots to bring holiday cheer to underprivileged children. It is clear that the movie elicits powerful emotions in viewers.

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