20 Families Had Previously Rejected An “Unusual” Girl Before A Single Man Adopted Her

After being rejected by her mother and twenty other families that wanted to adopt her, a little girl’s luck has changed.

The adoption story of Luca Trapanese and his daughter Alba has received a lot of attention for a number of reasons, but maybe none more so than how infrequently social services will award custody to a single, homosexual male.

But they did make an exception for Luca. We are ecstatic that they did.

The BBC reports that Italian Luca, 41, wrote a book on his experiences with Alba, a kid who has Down syndrome, and the challenges he faced.

Trapanese claimed during a radio appearance that his situation “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion, and family.”

Italy has a long history of making it difficult for gay or single parents to adopt children.

Luca adopted Alba in 2017, when she was just 13 days old, after 20 families had declined to take her because of her medical conditions.

Luca has spent his whole life yearning to start a family and has worked in several places for people with disabilities. After losing his best friend to cancer when he was just 14 years old, he became extremely passionate about helping others.

He volunteered his free time with Catholic-affiliated organizations that assisted the disabled and the terminally ill.

Alba now lives with him in a loving family despite the fact that he is unmarried as a result of his choice to move forward with the adoption.

Alba is a determined and perhaps rebellious little child, according to the BBC. She enjoys playing and dancing with others and is gregarious.

It’s been a while since Luca and Alba’s beautiful relationship initially became viral online.

Luca’s more than 320k Instagram followers can still see the family’s excursions and daily mischief.

They enjoy each other greatly and spend a lot of time just hanging out.

Even though the pandemic has changed their way of life, it is encouraging to see how they are working together.

They enjoy exploring Italy together, being outside, painting, mixing, and savoring delicious food.

We send Luca and Alba our sincere congratulations! Without a doubt, Luca is a generous and compassionate man, and it is thanks to him that this young girl has a promising future.

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