When the teacher found out what her student had become, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.

Math teacher Larisa Ivanovna glanced over her glasses at the fifth graders. Unintentionally, she let her eyes drift to the quiet, seemingly careless boy occupying the space behind the final desk. He was dressed in outdated, knee-worn slacks and a ragged jacket with noticeable stains. When she first assumed control of the class, she didn’t feel an instant connection with this pupil.

He appeared uninterested and frequently dozed off during sessions, so she was perplexed as to why she harbored such a dislike for him. He didn’t yell, laugh, or otherwise interfere with the lesson; instead, he just sat there, uninterested, without even bothering to open his notebook. It appeared as though he had nothing to say and that studying was a pointless attempt for him.

His notebook included merely dates rather than any classwork, and his homework assignments were unfinished. What should we do with him? Larisa Ivanovna had a question. “I should inquire about his family from their former teacher. Probably a mother who is an alcoholic or something.” Do you remember Stasik? she inquired of Nadiya Ivanivna, a teacher of the younger classes. His parents, who are they?

“What’s the point? Such a messy young man? Ivanivna Nadiya sighed. “I only recently taught that class last year due to their prior teacher’s maternity leave. You should look at his records because you could be astonished.

The files were promptly retrieved from the cabinet by Larisa Ivanovna. She discovered first-grade records in which Stasik was praised for being “kind, caring, polite, and smiling brightly.” does schoolwork in a nice and organized manner. His instructor said in the second grade, “An amazing child. has many of friends and supports classmates. exceptionally gifted, particularly in mathematics. The third-grade report was unexpected: ”

Stasik was greatly affected when his mother went away from an incurable disease. With little help from his father, who turned to booze following the tragedy, he is attempting to cope. The fourth-grade report, though, was in stark contrast: “Distracted, irresponsible, no friends, dozes off during class, doesn’t complete homework.”

Larisa Ivanovna couldn’t express herself. She had not anticipated this. She had no idea this child was in such bad shape. She felt humiliated by her bias towards him. The image of Stasik, a forlorn child with vacant eyes, persisted in her head throughout the entire night. She went to Stasik’s house the following morning after learning his address. The smell of cigarette smoke permeated the entire flat, making it difficult to see anything.

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