Vika sat in the hospital room and didn’t know how to tell her family that this wasn’t her child. And then, the nurse entered the room.

Outside the maternity unit, Vika was eagerly anticipating the man and her family. She was unsure of how to explain to everyone that this was not her child as she sat there gazing at the infant. Her sister suddenly walked over to her.

“Everyone is waiting for you already. She inquired, softly grinning at Vika and her child, “Don’t you want to introduce the child to our family?” Vika suddenly murmured, “This is not my child,” to herself. ”

I shared the space with his mother. She promptly abandoned her son after giving birth. My daughter was born one hour ago. You brought me a different person’s kid.

The nurse’s eyes grew wide. It had never happened before despite the fact that she had almost ten years of experience. Well, everything has a first time. She was presented with Vika’s daughter. She could smell her and knew it was her since it was her own flesh and blood. She gave her daughter an embrace before accompanying her to the man outside.

“Everything all right? From the car, the man questioned, “You seemed to take a while. If only you knew, Vika murmured. At home, she told her husband everything. They debated this tale all night long and came to the conclusion that it was fate. Little’s baby brother was born a month later.

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