Vika abandoned the babies on me and ran to her parents. But when we, with the children, got back on our feet, she suddenly reappeared.

My mother passed away many years ago, and my father, who was still quite young, welcomed another woman into our lives. I don’t hold that against him. He was lonely and in mourning. I attended a technical college in the city’s capital after completing ninth grade, where I resided in a dorm. I eventually finished my education and found a good job.

I met Vika there, and we began cohabitating. Despite her parents’ misgivings, we registered our relationship soon after she became pregnant. We learned that we were expecting two children rather than just one during a routine checkup.

When our twins arrived, Victoria underwent a lot of changes. Her condition worried me, but I put it down to postpartum depression. To earn more money to support our two kids, I had to work even harder. It put a hardship on the wallet.

My wife moved back in with her parents when the children were around six months old, and we lost her. Although we were neighbors, she had no desire to visit her kids. When we met, her mother pretended not to see me and looked away, and she had just filed for divorce.

I had to relocate to my stepmother and father’s home. She frequently helped me out and spent time with her grandchildren since she was compassionate and kind toward them. She has my sincere gratitude for that. I went back to the nation’s capital and got a job once the kids were old enough for preschool. Recently, while I was returning with the kids from the opening of a new animated film, I unintentionally crossed across with my ex-wife on the street. Vika stated that she wished to start the process over. I was taken aback.

 Did she really think that after all these years there was a way to go back? She had never contacted or returned after the kids had grown up and we had learnt to live without her. She was given the stern reply, “You are not needed in our lives!” I have no doubt that our kids will one day accept my apologies and comprehend why I made that choice.

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