Twins’ birth – the fifth time in a row. And again, girls. Dad was present in the delivery room.

Due to the complexity of Anna’s pregnancy, especially since she was carrying twins, and the doctors’ reluctance to take any chances, she was admitted to the maternity hospital well before her due date. She was given the option of a planned cesarean surgery, but the medical staff knew they could do one if required because she was so determined to give birth naturally.

The midwives were also present because Anna and her husband preferred to avoid having outsiders in the delivery room and since they had a partnership agreement for labor. Late at night, Anna went into labor, and her husband was told right away. Within twenty minutes, he came, and they were taken to the labor room. Anna was familiar with giving birth because she had done it before. She stayed cool and collected throughout, and the first child was born at four in the morning.

The midwife welcomed the birth of their first daughter when the baby started crying right away. Instead of the anticipated joy, the father forced a smile and turned his attention to his wife right away. The second daughter was born five minutes later.While the mother grinned broadly, the new father was visibly upset and was sobbing, obviously not from joy. However, the mother reassured them, saying, “Don’t pay attention to him. He will return in an hour. These twins, our fifth and sixth, are once more female. He’s simply a little disappointed because he really wanted at least one boy but it didn’t work out. But since he cherishes his daughters, nothing will go wrong.

It was evident that everything was ideal in this family the following day as a sweet bunch of young girls led by their father tied balloons and shouted their love for their mother outside the maternity hospital window. However, they couldn’t help but feel bad for the father.

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