Today I was riding on the bus. At one of the stops, two kids got on. A boy approached to inquire about the fare, asking the driver, “How much for rides?” “9,” the driver replied. “And for sisters?” the boy asked. “15,” the driver responded. Then the driver said…

Saying I’m shocked would be an understatement… I took a minibus to Rivne today, and the driver really pleased me. He welcomed everyone with a smile, said “You’re welcome” in response to each thank you, and generally made the trip pleasant.But when we dropped off two children at one stop, the driver questioned a boy, who had come to pay for their price, “How old are you?” “9,” the child retorted. The driver then said, “And her?” She’s 15 years old, the youngster replied. The driver then said, “Then it’s just one ticket for the both of you.” It came as a pleasant surprise to me.

We persevered, but a long-distance bus broke down and blocked our path. How much did they require? the driver enquired. They retorted that they lacked funds and wished to continue. Just get in; you may pay for gas, and you’ll need the cash for snacks, the driver instructed. I felt pleasantly shocked.

Then, at the following stop, a woman who was pregnant boarded and paid the driver. He refused it and motioned for her to sit down, saying, “You’ll need that money for your baby’s needs.” I’m shocked;

I sincerely appreciate you being who you are, and I wish Ukraine had more individuals like you. God bless you and the people you care about.

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