This was the best moment of their father’s life, and it was all because of these wonderful girls.

Shelton had previously served in the American Army. The father had seven daughters, some of whom he had to adopt and others of whom he had been born to.

Mr. Shelton wanted to lead each of his girls down the aisle because he loved them all equally.

The man had cancer and was close to passing away, therefore his wish was unable to come true.

The girls still desired to fulfill the request made by their devoted father prior to his passing.

Despite the fact that their older sister Emily had already married, they still intended to recreate her wedding.

Together with the assistance of their mother Cheryl Shelton, they prepared everything for the wedding.

But in order for their father to remain in the dark, they kept everything a secret.

The mother stated, “My husband had no idea what we had planned for him,” in a Fox News interview.

She just heard from me that Emily requested the presence of her sisters at the wedding. He didn’t anticipate, though, that all the girls would be donning bridal gowns.

It was difficult to find clothes for every girl, especially the younger ones.

But the girls made the decision to carry out their intentions nevertheless. Thankfully, they did.

During the wedding ceremony, Willie learned everything, and he was delighted that his girls were astonished.

When he walked these girls down the aisle, he was able to realize his goal.

Two weeks after that party, Willie passed away.

However, there were some images of the man grinning. And in the eyes of his wife and children, he remained that way.

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