The mother was waiting to see her newborn son, but when she saw the child, she started shouting like a madman when she saw all that

Maria was looking forward to having her baby. Her contractions started in the ninth month of her pregnancy. She was taken to the hospital by her husband, where she gave birth to a son. The young couple was ecstatic to have children. Three days later, the patient was allowed to leave the hospital. The infant was taken by a nurse for his final standard checkup, and she quickly brought him back. But when Maria turned to face the kid, she cried out, “This is not my child! You brought me someone else’s baby!”

This is your child, the nurse gently remarked in response to her amazement. I was incapable of making a mistake. Maria then started clothing the infant. The nurse questioned, “What are you doing?” “I’m showing you that this is not my child,” she said. I gave birth to a son, but you delivered me a girl! You have one minute to get my son back or I’m going to see the director. The nurse swiftly walked out of the room after going pale. She came back a few minutes later with Maria’s son.

It turned out that the nurse had accidentally delivered Maria a girl whose parents had written a refuse because they had mixed up the kids. The young woman was soon to be placed in an orphanage. Maria tried to put the incident behind her as she and her kid headed back home. She did, however, have a dream that night about the girl who had been brought to her in error.Maria told her husband about the dream as soon as she awoke. They made the decision to see whether the girl’s parents would consider adopting her. Maria currently has two kids, both of whom she adores.

She is pleased to have taken in the girl who, by a fortuitous mishap, ended up in her care. The young girl finally benefited from the nurse’s error!

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