The elderly mother asked her son to send her to a nursing home because she saw how difficult it was for him with his daughter-in-law. But She never expected such a surprise from her children.

There was a house fire three years ago. She was thankfully at work at the time. She lamented the loss of that home for a very long time because it was the place where she was born, raised, and where she raised her son. Her grandchildren used to frequent her home, but now all that was left were ashes and black smoke.

Her and his wife made the decision to live with them.observed how challenging it was for him balance taking care of her and work. She was powerless to assist and had been trembling ever since the fire.

“Son, I realize how difficult it is for both of you. Send me to the nursing home, please. I won’t be a burden on you since there’s a location nearby where they’ll take care of me, she remarked.

“Okay, but let’s hold off till May. By then, the weather should be better, and we’ll have time to acquire all the necessary paperwork. recommended her son.

Agreed by nodding. She reminded her son of their agreement when spring finally arrived. The elderly woman with shaking hands collected her possessions that evening: a robe, a nightgown, and some slippers. She said goodbye to her grandkids the following morning, crossed herself, and left the apartment. She went out on her journey with her son in an ancient automobile.

Where are you going, Artem? She cried, “We missed the turn to the nursing home. Her son spoke up quickly, “They’re doing renovations there; we have to go around,” as his wife grinned.

After about 20 minutes of driving, she still couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They appeared to be back in her village.she hardly recognized her own backyard when she opened the gate. An entirely new home was in front of her. Workers were moving around, and there were some building supplies scattered about. But it was obvious that there had been no fire because the ancient ruins had been replaced with the home, a greenhouse, and a brand-new chicken coop.

Is this a dream, son? What took place?”questioned incredulously.

We didn’t want to place you in a nursing home, Mom, for any reason. We chose to reconstruct your old house specifically for your enjoyment because of this. There is a restroom, cable TV, and heated flooring inside. We purposely postponed it till spring in order to complete the work.

sobbed and gave her son a firm embrace. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She receives a visit from every Saturday from and their grandchildren, brightening her days.

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