No one was picking up the baby from the maternity ward; he was crying so loudly that it was deafening. But one time, he suddenly fell silent…

It took a while before the infant was taken from the maternity unit. Sometimes it does. Strangely, nobody appeared willing to accept the youngster after everyone had declined. The infant was consequently temporarily placed in an empty cot. But as you could expect, the infant didn’t appreciate it much and wailed out in an ear-piercing manner. The crying eventually ended one day. A anxious nurse ran to see what had transpired after becoming alarmed and fearing the worse. She was shocked to see a big gray cat cuddling the infant.

The department’s personnel had grown to appreciate the cat, who had taken on the role of an unofficial treatment assistant. The nurse attempted to remove the fluffy friend from the crib, but the infant clung to it with its small hands and cried loudly as they tried to separate them. Even the rigorous department head, who had been sternly reprimanding and threatening to fire everyone, gathered to observe this scene.

The department head bowed down and gently stroked the elderly father despite his complaints. So they laid there side by side. The infant calmly awaited the return of his new four-legged dad while the cat stepped out for a bit to attend to business and grab a food. Then others began showing up to remove the baby, but it soon became clear that the child was determined to remain with his furry father. The baby wasn’t taken away until the cat eventually agreed to move in with the new parents, which you might find amusing.

The woman was holding the infant while the man was holding the cat. Each received what they want. The cat hugged the man and put his head on his left shoulder while wrapping his paws around his neck. The nurses were amazed as they observed this.

They will be good parents, I’m confident of that, even the stern and harsh head doctor who had come to see them depart commented after looking at this. I am aware of this. Of those furry rascals, I have five. They are already aware of the best.

I hope the story’s main points are conveyed in this translation. Please let me know if you have any specific queries or require further information.

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