My husband left for another woman. Thirteen years later, his other children brought his daughter to us because he got into a car accident with his second wife. I wasn’t planning to take the child, but my mother-in-law said so.

I married my classmate in my hometown. We began sharing their family home with his mother after the wedding. Our son was born a year after the wedding, thanks to me. We were your standard family. I have a strong sense of family, therefore I thoroughly loved taking care of the home. I cherished my marriage to him. Up until I turned three, my tiny world was ideal.

A nearby house wrecker seduced my husband and got him to leave. She had enticed many married men, but my darling husband went one step further and left us to live with her. I was furious with both him and that woman. I would purposefully alter my course to avoid running into them if I ever did.

Being a compassionate person, my mother-in-law permitted my husband and me to stay with her. My brother and his wife and their two children were already residing there, and there was nowhere for me to go but back to my parents’ house. I shed many tears after my spouse left, but eventually I had to gather myself and resume my usual activities.

I was informed by local rumors that my husband was dating my daughter. I wasn’t interested in learning anything about them. It had been thirteen years since he had left. Time had healed the wounds and completed its task. In the village, there was a story that and had been in a car accident, leaving their daughter an orphan. “That’s what they deserved,” I said to myself. Social Services quickly brought their kid to us, though, and informed my mother-in-law that she was the only family member of the girl.

They warned that the girl might wind up in an orphanage if they didn’t take her in. The young girl resembled her mother in every way: blonde, trim, and young. She won’t be residing in our home! Our family was devastated by her mother!” I objected. My mother-in-law sighed, “Fear God, the child isn’t at fault for anything. started residing with us.

I can’t stand to look at her because she reminds me of her mother. Every time I see her, I feel an unfathomable amount of rage. She tries to get out of my way because she can sense it. I don’t know how much longer I can take this, to be perfectly honest.

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