Mary Lou Retton’s Health Struggles: A Brave Battle for Life

The legendary gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who is best remembered for her outstanding performance at the 1984 Summer Olympics, recently went through a trying health situation. Currently struggling for her life in the critical care unit (ICU), this brave athlete who won the gold medal and won our hearts with her faultless routines.

McKenna Kelley, Retton’s daughter, shared the tragic news on social media. She disclosed that her mother is suffering from a rare type of pneumonia that has had a negative impact on her ability to breathe on her own.

Our cherished gymnastics legend has been receiving diligent treatment from a group of medical experts for more than a week at this point.

Kelley withheld some facts of her mother’s condition out of consideration for Retton’s privacy. She did, however, mention that Retton is now uninsured and that the medical costs are mounting quickly.

Kelley has started a fund and humbly asked to anyone who can assist raise money for the hospital costs in an effort to lessen the financial strain. She politely needs two little acts of kindness: prayers and financial support for these costs.

Retton stopped competing in gymnastics in 1986, but she has kept people interested by making frequent cameos on TV shows like Glee, Baywatch, and even as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She is a great inspiration and was properly admitted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, which is evidence of her outstanding accomplishments.

At this point, it’s uncertain how long Retton will be in the hospital. Let’s not forget that Mary Lou Retton is a proud mother of four girls in addition to being a superb athlete. As soon as new information is available, it will be communicated regarding her condition.

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