What courage! How does the 57-year-old woman who lost 518 pounds look now?

American Pauline Potter revealed to her acquaintances that practically all of her forebears resembled our heroine. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the woman by name. Are you serious? Paulina claimed that her ex-husband was content to be sleeping with a celebrity who had only been mentioned in passing.

In an interview, Paulina stated, “One day I just realized I was tired of being that size.” Potter sought assistance from a food surgeon.

The surgeon made sure Potter ate well before performing the shape-altering procedure.

Paulina put in ten years of arduous work to obtain the body she desired. It’s difficult to discern if the slim woman is the same Paulina who initially sought assistance from a doctor.

Potter wishes she had taken this action sooner because she has changed so greatly that she can hardly recognize herself. What, in your opinion, has our heroine changed?

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